an instantly printable and customizable Landventure experience gift voucher

Landventure gift voucher

Are you looking for a trendy one-of-a-kind gift? How about an adventurous personalised experience? Get an instantly printable, unique Landventure gift voucher online and the recipient will be able to flexibly use it within one year! The voucher is redeemable anytime without reservation and can be customised, just like the mission that comes with it!

Give a tailored experience with a Landventure gift voucher

Add personal messages for a unique touch

You can include an original greeting before the first puzzle and your own congratulatory text after the last task of the mission (e.g. a funny nickname, a memory linked to the occasion, or special wishes).

varied missions on the phone and a customizable experience gift with your own text
  • Instantly printable, convenient gift
  • Valid for one year
  • Redeemable for any mission
  • Be unique, gift an experience!
varied missions on the phone and a customizable experience gift with your own text

Landventure gift voucher

Redeemable for any mission in Vienna
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39.00 € / group
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2 missions


You can also gift a mission of your choice: just pick one and choose the 'Purchase type: Gift voucher' option.

Vienna (2 missions )
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Legend of the Magical Shield

Mystical downtown city hunt

Embark on a mysterious and fun quest in search of a magical shield at the heart of Vienna.

90-120 min
1,5 km
1-6 people
Age 6+
39.00 € / group
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The Missing Scientist

Codebreaking in the city centre

A very special investigation, criminal mystery, and the rescue of a missing scientist.

120-150 min
2 km
1-6 people
Age 8+
39.00 € / group
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