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An outdoor scavenger hunt and detective game that requires only a smartphone. Step into the heart of the story, explore the city's most beautiful areas, and solve the gripping mysteries on a unique city walk!

Play with maximum flexibility at any time, alone, as a couple, with family, friends, kids, or even your dog.
Choose a mission and plunge into the thrilling outdoor treasure hunt!

How does it work?
Let the game begin!
The city adventure game on mobile!
Step into the heart of the story!
Choose a mission that best suits you!
Mission can be purchased with just a few clicks!
Go to the starting point!
Solve the puzzles!
Thank you for your purchase!
Mission accomplished!
Last year, you all:


Are you ready to release your inner detective? Choose the mission that best suits you!

Budapest (4 missions )
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Secret mission in the Basilica area

We’re in need of the most skilled secret agents! Agent Ryan Finch is in big trouble and needs your help! That must mean the situation is desperate…

90-120 min
1,5 km
1-6 people
Age 10+
29.00 € / group
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The Heritage

Treasure hunt in the Buda castle

Harvey Walker, the old billionaire, has recently passed away. The person who can successfully complete the treasure hunt game he created will inherit his amazing fortune. Be the first one to solve every puzzle and get your hands on his riches!

90-120 min
1,5 km
1-6 people
Age 6+
29.00 € / group
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The Pursuit of Eternal Life

Mystery in the Hungarian National Museum

Professor Perpetuum, the old historian of the Hungarian National Museum, has discovered something that would have shaken the world to its core had he made it public. Solve the ancient mystery!

90-120 min
1 km
1-6 people
Age 6+
29.00 € / group
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Mission on the Island

Covert operation on Margaret Island

An anarchist organization is preparing a mass murder. A secret agent is chasing them, but he’s also in danger and is relying on you to prevent this from happening!

90-120 min
1,5 km
1-6 people
Age 12+
29.00 € / group
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Customisable games for special occasions

Our missions can be customised with just a few clicks, giving players a completely unique game experience!

How it works

Choose a mission and purchase it on our website!
You'll receive your game code by email right away.
When you get to the starting point, enter the code on your smartphone!
Let the puzzle-solving adventure begin!


No appointment needed

Go ahead and get started right away!

Play at your own pace

You can pause the game and resume at any time.

A well-charged smartphone

and some mobile internet is all you need.

No need to download an app

The game runs in your browser.

Easy to play in a group

Every team member can open the mission at the same time.

You’ll never get stuck

Each task comes with 3 hints, the 3rd of which is the solution itself.


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