Take an adventurous walk through the most beautiful parts of the city and discover

the unknown side of the city centre
the secret details of Stadsdriehoek
the mysteries around the Town hall

Choose a mission

Pirate Treasure

Treasure hunt in the Stadsdriehoek area

A rich, jolly sailor is leaving his fortune to someone who proves to be as fearless as he was. Complete these challenges to prove your worth and win the old pirate’s treasure!

90-120 min
2.1 km
1-6 people
Age 6+
39.00 € / group

Money Heist

Secret mission in the city centre

A notorious arms dealer wants to relocate a fortune to Rotterdam to lay the foundations for his European operations. You’re the only one our agency can count on. Follow the clues in order to prevent this!

90-120 min
2.2 km
1-6 people
Age 10+
39.00 € / group

Landventure gift voucher

Redeemable for any mission in the Netherlands

39.00 € / group