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  • Choose the mission you like best on our website.
  • Click on the "Buy now" button on the mission page (don't worry, you don't have to pay).
  • During your checkout, select "Add a coupon code" and enter the code on the gift voucher.
  • Complete the "purchase", i.e. redemption.
  • You have redeemed your gift voucher! To play the mission, all further information will be sent to the given e-mail address.

You don’t need a lot, cca. 10 Mb for a mission.

There isn’t scoring in the traditional way, but the game does keep track of how long it took you to solve a puzzle, how many times you tried before entering the correct answer, and how many hints you used. At the very end of the game, you'll see a summary of these and you can compare your results with the other teams.

For the entire mission, it does not - but per puzzle, it does. That means that between two puzzles you can go for lunch, have a drink, or even take a break for a few days, but once you start a puzzle, the time it takes to complete that specific puzzle will count.

You can check this in the description of each mission.

No problem, each puzzle offers three hints. The first two only help you with the clues, and the third hint is the solution itself.

It's not a must, but it is helpful during the game. You can access the map by pulling up the tools menu, and with GPS enabled you'll see exactly where you are and where you need to search for clues.

This depends heavily on the kind of phone you have, but you don't need to run an application and it doesn't use the resources of your phone - so this means that the game counts as browsing time.

No worries! You can continue the game on another phone (by entering the same game code) and you can continue from where you left off. If you don’t have another phone at hand, just charge it, easily get back to the game, and continue from there.

Our The Pursuit of Eternal Life mission is 100% indoors, where you follow the secret discovery of Professor Perpetuum in the Hungarian National Museum!

Our missions can be played day and night, but it's a bit more difficult in the dark. The "landmarks" used to solve puzzles are illuminated by building lights and street lamps, but in the dark it can take longer to find things or be harder to read them - you might have to use the light on your phone.

We can't know everything. :)

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